Thursday, January 22, 2015

The connection between writing and design

The discussion about writing and design has helped me to understand that communication is not just the words people are saying. Communication has to do with how something is said, or written, and what the purpose behind those words are. The communicator has to have an overall goal or message for what they are writing. On top of purpose, the communicator has to think of who their audience is, and what type of people will be listening to or reading what they are communicating, and design has a very large role in this communication. Written communication in blank text is not going to have the same effect as communication with pictures, graphics, or charts next to it to help the audience better understand the message the communicator is trying to convey. This is why communicators, whether they are using written or vocal communication, need to consider what type of design and purpose their communication should have before doing anything. Communicators have to understand how different types of design will affect not just their audience, but random people reading from a third person view. Communicators must use a design that not only enhances what they are communicating, but is also unbiased and non-offending. Because of this, there cannot be truly good communication without good design next to it.

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