Thursday, January 15, 2015

My Abilities As A Communicator

1. What I do best as a communicator is argue with facts and knowledge. Whenever I have an argument about anything, I clearly list all of the facts pertaining to the argument and why those facts and points prove my side of the argument is correct, not using emotions to sway opinion. I am not a good fiction or narrative writer. I have trouble thinking of ideas for that sort of writing. I am better at non-fiction or argumentative writing.
I am also good at quickly responding in texts or emails on my phone. I am able to clearly express any thoughts I have.

2. I believe I speak well and fluently.

3. No, not really.

4. I have never been asked to, but I could probably make a poster, but not a website.

5. I am comfortable with most aspects of writing. The most difficult part for me is getting all of my ideas written down, and putting them where they need to be to make the best paper.

6. I like to believe that I am funny, but that might be just a personal opinion, and not fact.

7. Yes I do. I like to think about how current events will affect me, the country, and the future in general, whether it is politics, economics, or anything else.

8. I have never composed song lyrics.

9. What gives me pleasure when communicating is when my audience completely understands the points I am trying to make, whether it be written or spoken word.

An area where I am not as strong as a communicator is with fiction or narrative style writing. I could also improve on using visuals and electronic tools more efficiently in my writing.

I could be a more confident communicator by thinking of and structuring out everything I want to express before I express it.

I would like to focus on and improve the ability the efficiently put thoughts into spoken or written word, in a coherent and logical way.

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