Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What I think about blogs

I believe blogs are a useful tool for an average person to get information out to people that they see as important. They are relatively easy to setup, so anyone with an opinion on anything can start writing away and have people from around the world comment on their beliefs or experiences. A blog can be as useful as the writer or reader makes it. If the blogger only writes a few sentences a week about mundane topics, they probably would not see much use for the site. On the flip side, an activist could blog ten times an hour and have thousands of people come help their cause. There is no specific description for a blogger. A blogger is simply anyone who has created a blog and wants to share an idea or experience with others around the world. The usual type of person that blogs is someone who  is very vocal about their stance or opinion on various topics or experiences, and want those experiences to be seen by all. For me, a blog could be very useful by just helping me get rid of a day’s worth of stress by just writing it out, and possibly having people comment on it giving suggestions on how to deal with said stress.

As for using a blog in a writing class, it could be very beneficial to writing students. A class could use a blog in order to easily share and communicate ideas on similarly studied topics, to not just their classmates, but to anyone studying the same topics. In this class, I think we will use blogs in this class to share writing assignments with other students, allowing them to get better ideas on what to write for their assignments, and also allowing them to suggest how the blogger could better their writing in the comments. This blog will be more of a personal online journal, since we probably would not be putting any links in the blog posts. This type of blog would be very much like the personal online journals described in the article. This is because what the students will be writing will be personal and opinion driven, and would explain what they think about certain topics. 

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