Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Statement of Purpose

For this photo essay, my audience will be the general public, specifically anyone who travels through any mean, whether it be by train, car, bus, or plane. My audience will also include anyone interested in aviation, safety, my fellow classmates, and teacher. This photo essay will be placed on an online blog, so anyone searching the web about the topic of safety may stumble upon my essay. Most people would probably be viewing this at home, on their computer, but it could also be viewed at a library or on a smartphone. The time at which a person views this essay could easily shape how they perceive its information. For example, if the person viewing it was just in a car crash, or saw plane crashes all week in the news, it could skew their thought process about the information they are viewing, and make the viewer think of my information as false or bias. The purpose to which I am writing this essay is pretty simple: I want the general public, or any person that travels, to be informed and more aware about the safety of the main types of transportation, cars, trains, and buses, compared to air travel.  Most people assume flying is inherently dangerous, and travelling via ground is always much safer, so my purpose in this essay is to inform people who travel about the safety of airplanes vs. means of travel on the ground. I need to do this by not being biased towards air travel, since I am a pilot, and give all of the facts and safety data for all means of travel presented in a coherent manner. This way, I can assure that the audience has a clear sense of what the information I am presenting means, and they can take away a clear message from the essay. 

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